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02 November 2011



Submitted papers

75. J. R. Ott, M. Wubs, P. Lodahl, N. A. Mortensen, R. Kaiser,
Cooperative fluorescence from a strongly driven dilute cloud of atoms

74. A. Javadi, P. D. Garcia, L. Sapienza, H. Thyrrestrup, P. Lodahl,
Statistical measurements of quantum emitters coupled to Anderson-localized modes in disordered photonic-crystal waveguides

73. P. Lodahl and S. Stobbe,
Solid-state quantum optics with quantum dots in photonic nanostructures

72. K. H. Madsen and P. Lodahl,
Quantitative analysis of quantum dot dynamics and emission spectra in cavity quantum electrodynamics

71. J. Liu, P. D. García, S. Ek, N. Gregersen, T. Suhr, M. Schubert, J. Mørk, S. Stobbe, and P. Lodahl,
An Anderson-localized random nanolaser

70. K. H. Madsen, P. Kaer, A. Kreiner-Møller, S. Stobbe, A. Nysteen, J. Mørk, and P. Lodahl,
Measuring the effective phonon density of states of a quantum dot

69. P. Kaer, P. Lodahl, A.-P. Jauho, and J. Mork,
Microscopic theory of indistinguishable single-photon emission from a quantum dot coupled to a cavity: The role of non-Markovian phonon-induced decoherence



2013 publications

68. P. D. García, A. Javadi, H. Thyrrestrup, and P. Lodahl,
Quantifying the intrinsic amount of fabrication disorder in photonic-crystal waveguides from optical far-field intensity measurements
Applied Physics Letters 102, 031101 (2013)

2012 publications

67. P. D. García, S. Stobbe, I. Söllner, and P. Lodahl,
Nonuniversal intensity correlations in two-dimensional Anderson-localizing random medium
Physical Review Letters 109, 253902 (2012)

66. S. R. Huisman, G. Ctistis, S. Stobbe, A. P. Mosk, J. L. Herek, A. Lagendijk, P. Lodahl, W. L. Vos, and P. W. H. Pinkse,
Measurement of a Band-Edge Tail in the Density of States
Physical Review B 86, 155154 (2012)

65. S. Smolka, J. R. Ott, A. Huck, U. L. Andersen, and P. Lodahl,
Continuous-wave spatial quantum correlations of light induced by multiple scattering
Physical Review A 86, 033814 (2012)

64. S. Stobbe, P. T. Kristensen, J. E. Mortensen, J. M. Hvam, J. Mørk, and P. Lodahl,
Spontaneous emission from large quantum dots in nanostructures: exciton-photon interaction beyond the dipole approximation
Physical Review B 86, 085304 (2012)

63. P. Kaer,T. R. Nielsen, P. Lodahl, A.-P. Jauho, and J. Mørk,
Microscopic theory of phonon-induced effects on semiconductor quantum dot decay dynamics in cavity QED
Physical Review B 86, 085302 (2012)

62. P. Lodahl,
All-solid-state quantum optics employing quantum dots in photonic crystals
In: Quantum optics with semiconductor nanostructures, edited by F. Jahnke, pp. 395-420 (Woodhead publishing, UK, 2012)

61. H. Thyrrestrup, S. Smolka, L. Sapienza, and P. Lodahl,
Statistical Theory of a Quantum Emitter Strongly Coupled to Anderson-Localized Modes
Physical Review Letters 108, 113901 (2012)

60. S. R. Huisman, G. Ctistis, S. Stobbe, J. L. Herek, P. Lodahl, W. L. Vos, and P. W. H. Pinkse,
Extraction of optical Bloch modes in a photonic-crystal waveguide
Journal of Applied Physics 111, 033108 (2012).

59. K. Usami, A. Naesby, T. Bagci, B. Melholt Nielsen, J. Liu, S. Stobbe, P. Lodahl, and E. S. Polzik,
Optical cavity cooling of mechanical modes of a semiconductor nanomembrane
Nature Physics 8, 168-172 (2012).  


2011 publications

58. J. Liu,K. Usami,A. Naesby,T. Bagci,E. S. Polzik,P. Lodahl,and S. Stobbe,
High-Q optomechanical GaAs nanomembranes
Applied Physics Letters 99, 243102 (2011).

57. Q. Wang, S. Stobbe, and P. Lodahl,
Mapping the local density of optical states of a photonic crystal with single quantum dots
Physical Review Letters 107, 167404 (2011).

56. S. Smolka, H. Thyrrestrup, L. Sapienza, T. B. Lehmann, K. R. Rix, L. S. Froufe-Pérez, P. D. García, and P. Lodahl,
Probing statistical properties of Anderson localization with quantum emitters
New Journal of Physics 13, 063044 (2011).

55. K. H. Madsen, S. Ates, T. Lund-Hansen, A. Löffler, S. Reitzentein, A. Forchel, and P. Lodahl,
Observation of Non-Markovian Dynamics of a Single Quantum Dot in a Micropillar Cavity
Physical Review Letters 106, 233601 (2011).

54. S. Smolka, O. L. Muskens, A. Lagendijk, and P. Lodahl,
Angle-resolved photon-coincidence measurements in a multiple-scattering medium
Physical Review A 83, 043819 (2011).

53. S. Stobbe, J. M. Hvam, and P. Lodahl,
On the interpretation of wave function overlaps in quantum dots
Physica Status Solidi B 248, 855-858 (2011).

Cover of Physica Status Solidi B

52. M. Lykke Andersen, S. Stobbe, A. S. Sørensen, and P. Lodahl,
Strongly modified plasmon–matter interaction with mesoscopic quantum emitters
Nature Physics 7, 215-218 (2011).

Cover of Nature Physics

51. P. T. Kristensen, J. Mørk, P. Lodahl, and S. Hughes,
Decay dynamics of radiatively coupled quantum dots in photonic crystal slabs
Physical Review B 83, 075305 (2011).

50. J. M. Hvam, S. Stobbe, and P. Lodahl,
Quantum-dot excitons in nanostructured environments
Physica Status Solidi B 248, 375 (2011).


2010 publications

49. S. Stobbe, T. W. Schlereth, S. Höfling, A. Forchel, J. M. Hvam, and P. Lodahl,
Large quantum dots with small oscillator strength
Physical Review B 82, 233302 (2010).

48. P.D. Garcia, S. Smolka, S. Stobbe, and P. Lodahl,
Density of states controls Anderson localization in disordered photonic crystal waveguides Physical Review B 82, 165103 (2010).

47. Y. Chen, P. Lodahl, and A. F. Koenderink,
Dynamically reconfigurable directionality of plasmon-based single photon sources
Physical Review B 82, 081402 (2010).

46. J. R. Ott, N. A. Mortensen, and P. Lodahl,
Quantum Interference and Entanglement Induced by Multiple Scattering of Light
Physical Review Letters 105, 090501 (2010).

45. Q. Wang, S. Stobbe, H. Thyrrestup, H. Hofmann, M. Kamp, T. W. Schlereth, S. Höfling, and P. Lodahl,
Highly anisotropic decay rates of single quantum dots in photonic crystal membranes
Optics Letters 35, 16 (2010).

44. A. Laucht, J. M. Villas-Bôas, S. Stobbe, N. Hauke, F. Hofbauer, G. Böhm, P. Lodahl, M.-C. Amann, M. Kaniber, and J. J. Finley,
Mutual Coupling of two Semiconductor Quantum Dots via an Optical Nanocavity Mode
Physical Review B 82, 075305 (2010).

43. H. Thyrrestrup, L. Sapienza, and P. Lodahl,
Extraction of the β-factor for single quantum dots coupled to a photonic crystal waveguide
Applied Physics Letters 96, 231106 (2010).

42. Y. Chen, N. Gregersen, T. R. Nielsen, J. Mørk, and P. Lodahl,
Spontaneous decay of a single quantum dot coupled to a metallic slot waveguide in the presence of leaky plasmonic modes
Optics Express 18, 12489 (2010).

41. Y. Chen, T. R. Nielsen, N. Gregersen, P. Lodahl, and J. Mørk
Finite-element modeling of spontaneous emission of a quantum emitter at nanoscale proximity to plasmonic waveguides
Physical Review B 81, 125431 (2010).

40. P. Kaer, T. R. Nielsen, P. Lodahl, A.-P. Jauho, and J. Mørk
Non-Markovian Model of Photon-Assisted Dephasing by Electron-Phonon Interactions in a Coupled Quantum-Dot–Cavity System
Physical Review Letters 104, 157401 (2010).

39. F. Albert, S. Stobbe, C. Schneider, T. Heindel, S. Reitzenstein, S. Höfling, P. Lodahl, L. Worschech, and A. Forchel
Quantum efficiency and oscillator strength of site-controlled InAs quantum dots
Applied Physics Letters 96, 151102 (2010).

38. L. Sapienza, H. Thyrrestrup, S. Stobbe, P.D. Garcia, S. Smolka, and P. Lodahl
Cavity quantum electrodynamics with Anderson-localized modes
Science 327, 1352 (2010).

Perspectives by D. Wiersma in relation to our paper

37. J. Johansen, B. Julsgaard, S. Stobbe, J. M. Hvam, and P. Lodahl
Probing long-lived dark excitons in self-assembled quantum dots
Physical Review B 81, 081304(R) (2010).

36. P. T. Kristensen, P. Lodahl, and J. Mørk
Light propagation in finite-sized photonic crystals: Multiple scattering using an electric field integral equation
Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 27, 228 (2010).


2009 publications

35. S. Stobbe, J. Johansen, P. T. Kristensen, J. M. Hvam, and P. Lodahl
Frequency dependence of the radiative decay rate of excitons in self-assembled quatum dots: experiment and theory
Physical Review B 80, 155307 (2009).

34. A. Huck, S. Smolka, P. Lodahl, A. S. Sørensen, A. Boltasseva, J. Janousek, and U. L. Andersen
Demonstration of Quadrature-Squeezed Surface Plasmons in a GoldWaveguide
Physical Review Letters 102, 246802 (2009).

33. S. Smolka, A. Huck, U. L. Andersen, A. Lagendijk, and P. Lodahl
Observation of Spatial Quantum Correlations Induced by Multiple Scattering of Nonclassical Light
Physical Review Letters 102, 193901 (2009).

Physical Review Letters 109, 259904 (2012).

32. A. Laucht, F. Hofbauer, N. Hauke, J. Angele, S. Stobbe, M. Kaniber, G. Böhm, P. Lodahl, M.-C. Amann, and J. J. Finley,
Electrical control of spontaneous emission and strong coupling for a single quantum dot
New Journal of Physics 11, 023034 (2009).

31. M.D. Leistikow, J. Johansen, A.J. Kettelarij, P. Lodahl, and W.L. Vos,
Size-dependent oscillator strength and quantum efficiency of CdSe quantum dots controlled via the local density of states
Physical Review B 79, 045301 (2009).


2008 publications

30. T. Lund-Hansen, S. Stobbe, B. Julsgaard, H. Thyrrestrup, T. Sünner, M. Kamp, A. Forchel, and P. Lodahl
Experimental realization of highly efficient broadband coupling of single quantum dots to a photonic crystal waveguide
Physical Review Letters 101, 113903 (2008).

29. B. Julsgaard, J. Johansen, S. Stobbe, T. Stolberg-Rohr, T. Sunner, M. Kamp, A. Forchel, and P. Lodahl
Decay dynamics of quantum dots influenced by the local density of optical states of two-dimensional photonic crystal membranes
Applied Physics Letters 93, 094102 (2008).

28. P.T. Kristensen, A.F. Koenderink, P. Lodahl, B. Tromborg, and J. Mørk,
Fractional decay of quantum dots in real photonic crystals
Optics Letters 33, 1557 (2008).

27. I.S. Nikolaev, P. Lodahl, and W.L. Vos
Fluorescence lifetime of emitters with broad homogeneous linewidths modified in opal photonic crystals
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112, 7250 (2008).

26. J. Johansen, S. Stobbe, I.S. Nikolaev, T. Lund-Hansen, P.T. Kristensen, J.M. Hvam, W.L. Vos, and P. Lodahl
Size dependence of the wavefunction of self-assembled InAs quantum dots from time-resolved optical measurements
Physical Review B 77, 073303 (2008). 


2007 publications

25. I.S. Nikolaev, P. Lodahl, A.F. van Driel, A.F. Koenderink, and W.L. Vos
Strongly nonexponential time-resolved fluorescence of quantum-dot ensembles in three-dimensional photonic crystals
Physical Review B 75, 115302 (2007)

24. A.F. van Driel, I.S. Nikolaev, P. Vergeer, P. Lodahl, D. Vanmaekelbergh, and W.L. Vos
statistical analysis of time-resolved emission from ensembles of semiconductor quantum dots: interpretation of exponential decay models
Physical Review B 75, 035329 (2007)


2006 publications

23. P. Lodahl
Quantum correlations induced by multiple scattering of quadrature squeezed light
Optics Express 14, 6919 (2006).

22. P. Lodahl
Quantum noise frequency correlations of multiply scattered light
Optics Letters 31, 110 (2006).


2005 publications

21. A.F. van Driel, G. Alan, C. Delerue, P. Lodahl, W.L. Vos, and D. Vanmaekelbergh
Frequency-dependent spontaneous emission rate from CdSe and CdTe nanocrystals: influence of dark states
Physical Review Letters 95, 236804 (2005).

20. P. Lodahl, A.P. Mosk, and A. Lagendijk
Spatial quantum correlations in multiple scattered light
Physical Review Letters  95, 173901 (2005).

19. P. Lodahl and A. Lagendijk
Transport of quantum noise through random media
Physical Review Letters 94, 153905 (2005).

18.  I.M. Vellekoop, P. Lodahl, and A. Lagendijk
Determination of the diffusion constant using phase-sensitive measurements
Physical Review E 71, 056604 (2005).

17. I.S. Nikolaev, P. Lodahl, and W.L. Vos
Quantitative analysis of directional emission spectra from light sources in photonic crystals
Physical Review A 71, 053813 (2005).

16. L. Bechger, P. Lodahl, and W.L. Vos
Directional fluorescence spectra of laser dye in opal and inverse opal photonic crystals
J. Phys. Chem. B 109, 9980 (2005).

15. P. Lodahl and W. L. Vos
Controlling spontaneous emission with photonic crystals
Photonics Spectra 39 (3): 64+ MAR (2005).


2004 publications

14. P. Lodahl, A.F. van Driel, I.S. Nikolaev, A. Irman, K. Overgaag, D. Vanmaekelbergh, and W.L. Vos
Controlling the dynamics of spontaneous emission from quantum dots by photonic crystals
Nature 430, 654 (2004).


2003 publications

13. P. Lodahl
Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen correlations in second-harmonic generation
Physical Review A 68, 023806 (2003).

12.  T.C. Zhang, K.W. Goh, C.W. Chou, P. Lodahl, and H.J. Kimble
Quantum teleportation of light beams
Physical Review A 67, 033802 1-16 (2003).

11. A.V. Mamaev, P. Lodahl, and M. Saffman
Observation of spatial modulational instability in intracavity second-harmonic generation
Optics Letters 28, 31-33 (2003).


2002 publications

10. M. Bache, P. Lodahl, A.V. Mamaev, M. Marcus, and M. Saffman
Observation of self-pulsing in singly resonant optical second-harmonic generation
Physical Review A 65, 33811 (2002).

9. P. Lodahl and M. Saffman
Spatial quantum noise in singly resonant second-harmonic generation
Optics Letters 27, 110-112  (2002); errata, Ibid. 27, 551 (2002).


2001 publications

8. H. Hansen, T. Aichele, C. Hettich, P. Lodahl, A.I. Lvovsky, J. Mlynek, and S. Schiller
Ultra-sensitive pulsed, balanced homodyne detector: application to time-domain quantum measurements
Optics Letters 26, 1714-1716 (2001).

7. P. Lodahl, M. Bache, and M. Saffman
Spatiotemporal structures in the internally pumped optical parametric oscillator
Physical Review A 63, 023815 1-12 (2001).


2000 publications

6. P. Lodahl, M. Bache, and M. Saffman
Spiral intensity patterns in the internally pumped optical parametric oscillator
Physical Review Letters 85,  4506 (2000).

5. P. Lodahl and M. Saffman
Nonlinear analysis of pattern formation in singly resonant second-harmonic generation
Optics Communications 184, 493-505 (2000).

4. P. Lodahl, M. Bache, and M. Saffman
Modification of pattern formation in doubly resonant second-harmonic generation by competing parametric oscillation
Optics Letters 25, 654-656 (2000).


1999 publications

3. P. Lodahl and M. Saffman
Pattern formation in singly resonant second-harmonic generation with competing parametric oscillation
Physical Review A 60, 3251 (1999).


1998 publications

2. P.M. Lushnikov, P. Lodahl, and M. Saffman
Transverse modulational instability of counterpropagating quasi phasematched beams in a quadratically nonlinear medium
Optics Letters 23, 1650-1652 (1998).


1997 publications

1. P. Lodahl, J.L. Sørensen, and E.S. Polzik
High efficiency second-harmonic generation with a low power diode laser
Applied Physics B 64, 383-386 (1997).