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Scientific results highlighted in the press

"Den interne proces var ekstrem. Vild og blodig."
"The internal process was extreme. Wild and bloody."
Profile (in Danish) of recent recognitions and scientific accomplishments by Prof. Peter Lodahl and his Quantum Photonics research group.

Danske forskere baner vejen for fremtidens computer.
Danish researchers pave the way for future computer.
Article (in Danish) on our recent effors towards implementing quantum technology.

Building the Quantum Internet.
Interesting article on how a solid-state material based quantum internet could be realized:

Chiral quantum optics, Nature (2017).
Highlighted in more than 25 news stories in scientific and general online magazine. Here are some examples:

Deterministic photon-emitter coupling in chiral photonic circuits, Nature Nanotechnology (2015).

Nonuniversal intensity correlations in a two-dimensional Anderson-localizing random medium, Physical Review Letters 109, 253902 (2012).

Optical cavity cooling of mechanical modes of a semiconductor nanomembrane, Nature Physics 8, 168-172 (2012).

Strongly Modified Plasmon-Matter Interaction with Mesoscopic Quantum Emitters, Nature Physics 7, 215-218 (2011).

Quantum Interference and Entanglement Induced by Multiple Scattering of Light, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 090501 (2010).

Cavity quantum electrodynamics with Anderson-localized modes, Science 327, 1352 (2010).

Observation of Spatial Quantum Correlations Induced by Multiple Scattering of Nonclassical Light, Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 193901 (2009).



  • Christiansen & Andersen, Lyset

Popular papers

1) P. Lodahl, At kontrollere udsendelsen af lys (in Danish), Aktuel Naturvidenskab 4, 15-17 (2004).

2) P. Lodahl and W. L. Vos, Controlling spontaneous emission with photonic crystals, Photonics Spectra 39 (3): 64+ MAR (2005).

3) P. Lodahl, Lys i fotoniske krystaller og optiske nanobokse (in Danish), Naturens Verden 1, p. 29-35 (2006).

4) P.T. Kristensen, P. Lodahl, and J. Mørk, To decay or not to decay – or both! Quantum mechanics of spontaneous emission, DOPS Nyt 1, p. 4-8 (2008).