Raphaël Daveau – University of Copenhagen

24 June 2015

Raphaël Daveau

Raphaël Sura Daveau received his BSc degree from the University of Nantes, France. He continued his education at Lund University (Sweden) and obtained a MSc degree from the University of Copenhagen in 2013. He subsequently completed a one year Master’s project in the Quantum Photonics group working on decay dynamics and excitonic effects in solid-state quantum emitters where he studied quantum dots, nanowires and coupled quantum wells.

Raphaël is currently a PhD student in the Quantum Photonics group at the Niels Bohr institute. He investigates light-matter interaction in various semiconductor quantum heterostructures. His project focuses on optical refrigeration of semiconductors using indirect excitons confined in coupled quantum wells. He also investigates mesoscale quantum emitters as efficient single photon sources and efficient chip-to-fiber coupling of single photons for quantum information processing purposes.

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