Petru Tighineanu – University of Copenhagen

29 July 2013

Petru Tighineanu

Petru Tighineanu got his Master of Science with Honours from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. In his Master project he investigated theoretically the electroabsorption of highly-confined silicon-germanium heterostructures with an ultimate goal of maximizing optoelectronic effects in silicon-based devices. Petru did his internship at Carl Zeiss AG, where he implemented machine-learning techniques to emulate the response of the human visual system to various classes of distortions in images.

Petru is currently a postdoc at Niels Bohr Institute, and he explores the fundamental properties of semiconductor quantum dots and quantum wells. In particular, he is interested in exploiting the mesoscopic character of confined excitons in nanophotonic environments with strong field gradients. The aim is to explore single-photon emission beyond the usual dipole approximation, and thereby to acquire a complex understanding of the multipolar nature and decay dynamics of mesoscopic quantum dots. Tuning the emitter-field interaction in this way represents a novel and unprecedented approach for tailoring light-matter coupling at the nanoscale. Combining it with spatially-extended excitons and their giant oscillator strength provides deterministic control over the spontaneously-emitted flying qubits in terms of emission rate, direction of radiation or state of polarization.

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