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15 May 2013

Kristian Høeg Madsen

Kristian Høeg Madsen is a post-doctoral researcher and holds master degrees from both Imperial College London and the Technical University of Denmark. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from the Technical University of Denmark, where he worked in the Quantum Photonics Group.

My research is focused on the light-matter interaction of quantum dots embedded in photonic crystals with a specific focus on cavity QED and dephasing processes. Lattice vibrations, i.e. phonons, are omnipresent in solid-state and they can significantly alter the dynamics of quantum dots in photonic crystal cavities. This occurs because the quantum dot can decay through the cavity mode by emitting or absorbing the energy detuning as a longitudinal acoustic phonon. Detailed study of these processes enables us to extract crucial information on the phonon-quantum dot interaction, thereby deepening the understanding of the decoherence processes and paving the way for ultimately controlling them.

Current research topics include: cavity QED with quantum dots, decoherence of quantum systems, and coherent light-matter interaction.

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