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Photons lost in a maze

28 June 2011

Enhancing the interaction between light and matter is the essence of many research disciplines, including quantum information science, energy harvesting and optical biosensing. The traditional method has been to strongly confine light in,

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Quantum back action

06 June 2011

Quantum dots are all-solid-state single-photon emitters that are likely to play a key role in the emerging quantum information technology. A major challenge, however, is to enhance the interaction between light and matter such that quantum effects are pronounced.

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Quantum Photonics Group publishes in Nature Physics

19 December 2010

In a paper published on December 19th 2010 in Nature Physics we report on the experimental observation that light emission from quantum dots is fundamentally different than hitherto believed.



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ERC Starting Grant is awarded to Peter Lodahl

25 October 2010

A prestigious ERC Starting Grant has been awarded to Peter Lodahl for a project entitled: “All-solid-state quantum electrodynamics in photonic crystals (ALLQUANTUM)”.

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