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Qubits put into reverse

30 November 2017

A group of scientists at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, has figured out how to make spin qubits perform controlled backward rotations. This has never been shown before.

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Eugene Polzik receives DKK 10 million for fundamental research and innovation in quantum optics

20 November 2017

QUANTOP at the Niels Bohr Institute has attracted DKK 10 million funding from two funding agencies, the John Templeton Foundation (USA) and EUREKA – the European framework targeting cooperation between SMEs and research centers.

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New ’building material’ points toward quantum computers

02 October 2017

A Danish-American research team has shown that it is possible to produce ‘Majorana particles’ in a new ‘building material’. The research, led by scientists from Niels Bohr institute, paves the road for new types of experiments.

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Smart atomic cloud solves Heisenberg's observation problem

13 July 2017

One of the most fundamental principles of physics, "Quantum Back Action", has been challenged by researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute, which has used laser light to link a vibrating membrane with cesium atoms.

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Iron secrets behind superconductors unlocked

07 July 2017

Due to magnetism iron should - theoretically - be a poor superconductor. Nevertheless certain ironbased materials possess fine superconducting properties. Why? Because the five unbound electrons found in iron...

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Holey pattern boosts coherence of nanomechanical membrane vibrations

12 June 2017

Researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute have introduced a new type of nanomechanical resonator, in which a pattern of holes localizes vibrations to a small region in a 30 nm thick membrane.

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Søren Stobbe awarded the 2017 SCIENCE Business Prize

24 May 2017

38-year-old Associate Professor Søren Stobbe of the University of Copenhagen’s Niels Bohr Institute has been awarded  the 2017 SCIENCE Business Prize by the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Science. Søren Stobbe received the award for successfully conducting commercially-oriented research while inspiring his students to do the same. Likewise, 35-year-old Assistant Professor Mads Fiil Hjorth of the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports and 35-year-old Postdoc Svend Roesen Madsen of the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences received the Business Prize for Young Researchers. They received their awards for conducting research in commercial contexts while inspiring others.  The 2017 SCIENCE Business Prize is worth 75,000 Danish kroner – the largest sum for a UCPH award, while the two business-minded younger researchers shared the second prize, each being awarded 37,500 kroner towards their future work.

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Huge grant to quantum research

19 April 2017

Danish National Research Foundation is willing to donate up to 62 million kroner to a new research centre at the Niels Bohr Institute. The new Centre of Excellence will be named Hybrid Quantum Networks (Hy – Q).

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First step towards photonic quantum network

25 January 2017

First step towards photonic quantum networkResearchers from the Niels Bohr Institute have now developed the first building blocks needed to construct complex quantum photonic circuits for quantum networks. This rapid development in quantum networks

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The Sound of Quantum Vacuum

21 December 2016

Quantum mechanics dictates sensitivity limits in the measurements of displacement, velocity and acceleration. A recent experiment at NBI probes these limits, analyzing how quantum fluctuations set a sensor membrane

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