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FTP postdoc project  

FTP grant: Light-emitting diodes using quantum dots with tailored light-matter interaction strength

Søren Stobbe from the Quantum Photonics Group has received an individual postdoc grant from the The Danish Council for Independent Research | Technology and Production Sciences (Project 10-080853). The project started June 1st 2010 and runs for three years.

Project goals

The goal of this postdoctoral project is to build a novel light-emitting diode (LED) based on quantum dot (QD) emitters. LEDs have the potential to replace incandescent and fluorescent light sources, but contemporary technology and theory limit the achievable performance. A major issue in present-day LED technology is the weak light-matter interaction strength and hence low brightness (number of photons emitted per second) of the active semiconductor material, which can lead to undesirable energy loss in the form of heat. QDs can improve this situation because the light-matter interaction strength can be enhanced by increasing the QD size. In fact, by co-engineering the quantum dot geometry and the surrounding nanostructure it is possible to enhance the light-matter interaction strength even further. It is the purpose of this project to investigate these effects experimentally and to demonstrate a QD-LED utilizing these effects.


The outcome of our research is published in international journals. For a list of recent publications, see here

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